Rancho Santa Fe Forest Health


The community forests of the Rancho Santa Fe area consist of the trees, interrelated vegetation, wildlife, and people living together in rural and suburban communities. Sustaining a healthy and dynamic forest system is important to the quality of life in these communities. A sustainable forest is a dynamic, healthy system where its diversity, condition, extent, and density is continued and maintained by social, economic, and natural processes so that the tangible and intangible benefits are realized in perpetuity and are greater than the cost.

Although the main benefit of community forests is an increase in aesthetic and property values, additional benefits have been identified. Trees cool the environment, improve air quality, reduce storm water runoff, and reduce local wind conditions. For example, strategically placed trees that provide shade in summer and allow sunlight in during the winter can significantly reduce the costs of cooling and heating buildings.

Today, several natural and inter-related phenomena pose a threat to the ongoing health of our forest and our quality of life here in the Ranch.

Insect Infestation
        - Lerp Psyllid*
        - Borer Beetles

    Previously Implemented Solutions

    Rancho Tree Service and Mariposa Tree Service
        - Pesticide Injections
        - Release of a wasp that is the natural predator to
          the red gum lerp psyllid*

Drought Conditions
Lack of sufficient water stresses trees making them more susceptible to insects.
Improving irrigation efficiency can save your landscape.

Fire Storms*
Recent fires have left many trees partially damaged

Natural Aging of the Trees*
Even some of the healthy trees are nearing the end of their life span

Status Report On Red Gum Lerp Psyllid and Forest Health
The most recent comprehensive report on the health of the eucalyptus trees.

Blue Gum
Healthy Leaves
Infected Leaves